Folade (fo-lah-day) is my birth name, and is Yoruba for "crowned," and "this child is returning honor to the family."


My work is centered in spirituality, nature, and energy frequency. As a Reiki practitioner, and with further intent to create work with healing resonance, I infuse Reiki into my art.


Several years ago, with a growing affinity to the circle, I noticed my own constant awareness of and growing research about its ever present appearances.  This research included symbolism and sacred elements such as mandalas, labyrinths, sacred geometry, dendrochronology, ancient Sun symbolism and crop circles.

My circular work is an exploration through metaphysics with the ubiquitous circle as life force and environment for the canvas. This body of work pays homage to cosmic intelligence; remarkably, mother Earth and the omniverse birth a vast inventory of the circle- the seed and propulsion of life. 


With a background in Ayurveda, crystal therapy, my mission is rooted in multisensory healing.

Although my visual art is self-taught, my Master of Fine Arts in Writing, from The School of the Art Institute Chicago, provided me with studio experience in fiber, book binding, paper making and paper arts.  


I am mother of two children with vast light and unrelenting curiosity. Grateful!


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