Infusion Boutique

An organic straightforward infusion of lavender flowers.

The essence of lavender  is infused into the honey for hours, 

in our coveted infusion pot. The outcome is detectible honey, ready for culinary use for food, coffee, tea, bedtime honey shotZzz, or as  Yeye Osun would do... just open your mouth and pour it in. Comes with a honeycomb spoon!


Recommended for bedtime. The lavender infusion soaks into the skin and puts your muscles and mind to sleep.


An 11 blend, organic whip, which means there are 11 skin loving ingredients within that glide over skin, seeps into your Soul... leaving you calm and looking forward to the next slather. You will feel it communicating with the skin for up to 24 hours. Perfect for face, body, feet and after bathing. 


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