It is said, "Doulas make amazing anchors."

How do you envision your birth?

Everyone deserves a doula to support their family's emotional, mental and physical needs.

Would you benefit from a calm, Reiki centered doula who can enhance your preganancy and birthing space?

Let's work together to manifest your vision...

Natural inclinations are callings, and ever since the birth of my son, now 14, I have always enjoyed supporting birthing parents, providing resources for them, talking to them about their birthing plans and helping them develop a birthing experience that is calm, peaceful and supports the sensory experience. 

After my daughter was born, now 13, I deeply understood how important it is to be there for a mother post-natal. 

This is why I became a doula.

Folade Speaks,  Best Certified Doula (Bcd) will customize

an experience for you that includes:

  • 3rd Trimester Care Pre-Natal Visits

  • Reiki Sessions

  • Having a Water Birth? Let me bless and charge your birthing water with Reiki, Sound Therapy and Affirmation

  • Soothing Energetic and Envisioning Preparation Technique

  • 4th Trimester Care & Post-Natal Visits

  • A bridge to resources throughout your pregnancy and beyond

  • Commitment to serve birthing parents of African lineage in order to decrease disparities in Black maternal mortality rates 

In-person care for Austin, Texas families

Don't live in or near Austin? 

Ask about my Virtual/Distance Doula Support and Reiki

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