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Folade’s work is a fusion of Tibetan Usui and Karuna Reiki, & Mediumship.

Within Energy Sessions, she blends Energetic Aura and Energy Cord Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Bowl and Sound Healing, Exponential Transmission Frequency Clearing©, Aromatherapy, Crystal Gridding and Guided Meditation.

She often provides card divination at the end of sessions to open the channels of messages through the cards.

Folade often receives messages during energy sessions from client Ancestors, or through Guardians and Guides directing her work.   



As a Reiki Master Teacher and metaphysician, she holds space for the empowering journey her clients seek, and she fuels their courage to give themselves permission to follow their fire, their paths, their voices... energetic, spiritual and physical voices. She teaches listening to oneself, mindfulness and action through that listening... as that is what leads to a landscape of bliss, over one's lifetime.



REIKI Boosts energy levels ~ Develops sense of purpose ~ Clears emotional and creative blockages ~ Brings clearing to past life karma ~ Heals cellular memory ~ Works to remove unhealthy habits & addictions~ Decreases pain ~ Restores healthy sleep and dream recall ~ Heals chakra system ~ Boosts overall sense of belonging & to Mother Nature... Read the Testimonials to Learn more about how clients have experienced through Intuitive Energy Wellness and Reiki Sessions

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