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My work fuses Tibetan Usui and Karuna Reiki, & Mediumship. 

Within Energy Sessions, I blend Energetic Aura and Energy Cord Clearing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Bowl and Sound Healing, Exponential TransmissionFrequency Clearing©, Aromatherapy,  Crystal Gridding and Guided Meditation.

Yes, even Distance Sessions! 

As a Medium, there is a rapport I am blessed to maintain with those in Heaven, where they agree to deliver their conversations with you. This gift was nurtured in my early childhood by my grandmother, Odella Speaks, and although she never called herself a Medium, I witnessed her work with the Ancestors.Grateful to her for her guidance.

REIKI CAN Boost energy levels ~ Develop sense of purpose ~ Clear emotional and creative blockages ~ Bring clearing to past life karma ~ Heal cellular memory ~ Work to remove unhealthy habits & addictions~ Decrease pain ~ Restore healthy sleep and dream recall ~ Heal chakra system ~ Boost overall sense of belonging & deeper connection to Mother Nature... 




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